10 Best Ways to Promote Your Blog on Social Media

Do you know you can reach millions of audience out there by using social media platforms? You can get new readers everyday by promoting your blog on social media. Organic traffic is also necessary for your blog but to reach more and more readers but you can take help of social media. Do you want a guide to tell you how to do it? Here are the 10 best ways to promote your blog on social media and increase your readers.

10 Best Ways to Promote Your Blog on Social Media

Direct audience on your blog

After creating a blog and a profile for it on social media, never forget to add your blog’s URL on the profile page. When audience browses your profile page on social media, they can click on the link directly to read out your blog content. If you are planning to provide newsletter and do email marketing, you must collect email addresses via social media.

Share in Google+ communities

You can share your content on Google+ communities. Google+ forms a community with relevant interest. You can attract people with same interest on your blog through Google+ profile.

Get advantage of tweets

To promote your blog networking is the important factor. You can get this networking from tweets. When you post a tweet, it is searchable for all users. So you can promote your blog to some users through a tweet.

Highlight your content in Pinterest

You can organize your blog with the themes provided by Pinterest. Pin the images from your blog content. These pictures will act as a header for your blog posts. You can use Pinterest as a great business platform.

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Share content in LinkedIn communities

LinkedIn can help you to reach new readers. You should share content to various groups relevant to a content topic. You have to find the groups who have an interest in your blog subject. Share posts in such communities to get the traffic. Typically LinkedIn is avoided, but it is an excellent way to drive traffic to your blog as well.

10 Best Ways to Promote Your Blog on Social Media

10 Best Ways to Promote Your Blog on Social Media

Google Hangout

Google hangout is also a better way to get in touch with readers personally. In Google Hangout you can invite users on Hangout to discuss the topic in detail.

You can create forum

You can create or use forums to promote your blog. Forum related to your blog subject will get queries from the audience. You can reply the solution and place a link to related content on your blog.

Create a campaign

You should create an attractive campaign to share on profiles. You can make audience participate in the campaign to get them on your blog.

Schedule your tweets

You can’t elaborate your post content in a tweet as it has the limitation of characters per tweet. You can add a link to your blog content in your tweet so that followers will know about your new blog post. Even better if you can add a shorter URL version of your blog URL.

Schedule your post on Facebook

You can be more creative with the Facebook post than a single tweet. You can add an attractive image or even a video with the post link followed by it. Adding creative images not only attracts people to click on the link but it also helps them to remember your blog and page in the first impression.

Hope this article about 10 best ways to promote your blog on social media help you to reach more people and attract more users to visit your blog. If you would like to know more about Preet, then you can visit this article for her interview with BloggersBooks. Let know what you think about Social media promotion in the comments below and if you have any doubt, I would love to remove them.

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