Best hosting for WordPress in 2019 Who is the top notch hosting provider

Hey Dude! What’s up. So let’s see what is the best hosting for WordPress in 2019. By now we have already discussed about Blogging and how to start blogging. Then we found out what are the best domain names you could choose for your blog and what hosting you should choose depending on your need. If you have already chosen what hosting you need then you probably know what is the best one for a start up blog.

Best hosting for WordPress

Here I am going to share the best hosting for WordPress in 2019 from my experience. Note that I have personally used these hosting provider’s service and these are my personal recommendation for hosting. There are a lot of out there but I do not personally recommend the others that are there. Now another thing to note is this is not a review rather than a personal recommendation. I will write a descriptive review of each of the hosting provider below shortly after this article. Okay so let’s get started.

Best hosting for WordPress in 2019

If you are buying from any of the below mentioned hosting providers you will get your domain name for FREE except SiteGround. Only with SiteGround you will get your domain name for life. I am going to share this in order of my preference so that it is easy for you.

  1. GoDaddy Shared Hosting with FREE domain for 1 year (domain need to be renewed after 1 year):
  2. Tired of Waiting for your Website to Load? $1/ mo Hosting + Free domain!GoDaddy Managed WordPress hosting with FREE domain for 1 year (domain need to be renewed after 1 year):
  3. $1/mo WordPress Hosting from GoDaddy!SiteGround Managed WordPress Hosting with FREE domain for life:
  4. Web HostingSiteGround Shared Hosting with FREE domain for life:
  5. Web HostingDreamHost is also another hosting which I would suggest you to check them out. is their website and if you use promo code “prabhu” then you will get a discount of 97$ in your purchase.

Now that you are starting up I suggest you go with GoDaddy as it will cost you much less and it will be best to start and eventually when your reader base grows you can switch to any other hosting provider you want.

For a blog which receives more than 100 page views per day then I would suggest you to go with SiteGround Managed WordPress hosting because so far in my experience I have tried a lot of hosts and verified lot of things like, website speed and support and stuff but they are just simply awesome and with all sort of features they have website becomes very much stable and fast enough to be compelling a reader to stay on your blog.

Let me know in the comments which host you think is the best hosting for WordPress in 2019 and if you have any bad experience with these hosts. Cheers! Keep blogging.

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  1. I use Godaddy but I didn’t set it up on one of their specials and its not managed WordPress since I originally had no idea I was even going to use WordPress to begin with. So it is not even on Linux, it is on a Windows Plesk platform.

    So as the “Ultimate package” as they call it, Windows Plesk hosting, I can host as many domains off it as I want, with the disadvantage that it is the same shared IP address. So even though it says Ultimate with unlimited domains, and unlimited bandwidth, common sense tells you that when a site gets past a certain point in traffic, that unlimited bandwidth won’t mean that much, because the hosting level is not going to handle a whole lot of users at once and they will have to move you to a different server, which is probably going to change your hosting type anyhow.

    So there are advantages and disadvantages to this. It is not managed WordPress and it is not on Linux. So if I had known in advance I was going to use WordPress I would not have selected this type of hosting package. But as it is, with a site that has not overgrown its traffic capacity levels, it is okay. WordPress Linux hosting would probably be better and Godaddy even recommends I change hosting platforms and migrate over to their managed WordPress hosting environment, and it would even be cheaper then what I am currently paying, for one domain.

    However, the up side is this. Godaddy’s non WordPress hosting still does daily backups although having your own backups is a good idea also. The security levels aren’t quite as good on non WordPress hosting, but you can lock the site down pretty tight. Windows Plesk hosting may not be as stable as Linux, but I have actually ran into few if any problems. And the Plesk Hosting will handle as many startup domains on it as you want to do for one hosting charge. And if a particular site starts getting very popular, you can migrate that site over to its own managed WordPress Hosting.

    This could be just a tad or more off topic to which managed WordPress hosting company since I can only really talk about the particular one I have used for hosting and that is Godaddy. And even inside them there is the alternative of managed WordPress or not. Although I would say that if you know in advance you are using WordPress, on one domain, then certainly use their Managed WordPress. I would have if I had it to do over again.

    But I don’t even know if I will ever move off Godaddy. It depends allot on cost to manage the traffic increases. But the cost difference, if Godaddy can handle would have to be substantial, because their customer service has always treated me like I am the only customer they have. Their rating on customer service goes up to 10 stars and I have never had to use less then 10 and sometimes wanted to stick 12 to 15 stars on it.

    So I can say I absolute endorse starting with GoDaddy, but it you know in advance it is going to be WordPress, don’t make the mistakes I made that I will have to undo over time. Start off with Managed WordPress with them, although they have answered my WordPress problems with their WordPress tech support quite well, even though I am not on managed WordPress.

    And there is a couple of other issues. GoDaddy’s standard SSL certificates use outdated encryption with a 256 bit cypher, and Chrome recognizes it is outdated and says it is, so the standard SSL will not give you the nice green box that says all is okay. Also, since this is the case that the standard SSL’s are a bit of a problem anyhow, think about the next level of SSL, which is business class SSL, which is going to cost and which is going to mean you need a seriously and fully verifiable business name, address, telephone number and so on. So you can get that certificate for one. And then you have no need to whois shield your domain to keep people out of your personal information. If you do not do all of these things, every browser is going to look down on your SSL. The encryption is out of date and the certificate does not verify ownership if you whois shielded it. And this all adds up to Google doesn’t love you like it would with that fully green box in front of your url to your domain.

    And another common mistake I made is creating files that were html to start with, so Google also indicates I have a mixture of SSL files and non SSL files out there. I don’t anymore, but who knows how long it will take Google to recognize I don’t. In effect that means, don’t mix html or anything else and WordPress on the same domain.

    Also, the wp-config.php needs to be edited from the start on your SSL certificate, whatever it might be, and google webmaster tools setup to recognize the https http www versions of your website so it see’s them all the same, see’s them all as secure.

    Even with all the mistakes I made out of not knowing, I can highly recommend GoDaddy because they have gone to great lengths and quite happily to get me out of those jams and lack of knowing. I found the server response time is a tad slow, but that might be because I am on Windows instead of Linux. It is not horribly slow. It is still under 2 seconds which Goggle says is okay, but not optimal for a Desktop, and Google doesn’t like my mobile response time, but once again, that is probably my fault by having WordPress on Windows Plesk to begin with instead of Linux Managed WordPress.

  2. Hi Prabhu,

    I have checked out! I’m satisfied with dreamhost I have been using dreamhost since 2015 for my word press blog I never face out any issue. My whole experience with them is superb.

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