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First Blog Post: What Should You Write

First Blog Post

Today is a brand new day for all of us and so for BloggersBooks. You must have come across a lot of how-to guides, and we have a category called how to guides as well in BloggersBooks but today I am starting a new group called What To Guides. Here I am going to answer all

Fair Price For Freelancer To Create WordPress Website

fair price for freelancer to create wordpress website

Today I am answering a question on BloggersBook’s What To Guides. The question is what is a fair price for freelancer to create WordPress website. In Quora, someone asked this question, and there might be different answers to this question. But here is what I think. If I would be a freelancer and think what is

Should You Start Quora Blog Or Own Blog

Quora is the new Facebook. Believe it or not. I have been quite active in Quora recently. I did answer a lot of questions in Blogging. Most recently I came through someone asking whether she should start Quora Blog or Own Blog. As always I am supportive of your own thing. Because of these reasons.