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Managed WordPress hosting vs Shared WordPress Hosting

Managed Wordpress hosting vs Shared Wordpress Hosting

Hey there! I think we decided to take some time since we discussed whether or not Blogging is a good option for career and I think you have already taken the decision. Also I think you already have your domain name finalized. If not then read this article and DO IT RIGHT NOW. Assuming that you

Why WordPress should you choose for your website


I have been talking to some of the people who either have a website or plan to create a website and their first question related to the software we should or want to use was WHY WordPress why not something different? And to answer that question I wanted to do a quick post on why should

How To Configure WordPress Blog for Optimum Results

How To Configure WordPress Blog

Alright so in the last article I have mentioned whether Managed WordPress is good for your blog or Web Hosting is good for your blog. So this article when I am writing I am assuming that you have the hosting at your hand and you want to configure the WordPress blog to it’s ultimate potential

How To Configure Accelerated Mobile Pages

Configure Accelerated Mobile Pages

Last time I shared How To Configure JetPack For Increased response and less page load time. Here today I am going to share How To Configure Accelerated Mobile Pages on your blog. If you have already seen in the dashboard you would have seen Google has already added Accelerated Mobile Pages part. And if your

Configure Yoast SEO to get in 1st Page of Google in 15 days

Configure Yoast SEO

In my last article I shared how I boosted my page load time from 12 seconds to 1.6 seconds configuring Jetpack properly and disabling the items that I do not use. Today I am going to share how to configure Yoast SEO to get in 1st Page of Google in just 15 days. I have