Domain vs Hosting what is the SECRET!!

Okay so we have looked in to what is the good side of Blogging and how to start blogging. But in order to start a blog on your own as I mentioned in this post you will have to go with either WordPress org or com because I do not recommend Blogger for blogging purpose. So

Managed WordPress hosting vs Shared WordPress Hosting

Managed Wordpress hosting vs Shared Wordpress Hosting

Hey there! I think we decided to take some time since we discussed whether or not Blogging is a good option for career and I think you have already taken the decision. Also I think you already have your domain name finalized. If not then read this article and DO IT RIGHT NOW. Assuming that you

Difference between WordPress website and blog


I know you have questions, even I had! I was thinking when I started my blog that what is the difference between a website and a blog? There are a lot of websites out there and are they earning from their website? So the question right on spotted that what is the difference between WordPress

Difference between and


Hello there, so I believe by this time you already know whether or not to select Blogging as a career option and what is blogging. Also in a post I discussed if you are just starting then what is the best way, what is the best platform to start with, Blogger or WordPress and I am

Which is best Blogger or WordPress

Which is best Blogger or Wordpress

This time we will take a deep dive into WordPress and Blogger. We will compare both of them and see what is better, which one is better. In fact if you ask me which is best Blogger or WordPress then I do not have any particular answer to it, because there is no exact answer