First Blog Post: What Should You Write

First Blog Post

Today is a brand new day for all of us and so for BloggersBooks. You must have come across a lot of how-to guides, and we have a category called how to guides as well in BloggersBooks but today I am starting a new group called What To Guides. Here I am going to answer all

Free Host Domain For 1 Year

Free Host Domain

Today I am going to share you the steps to get free host domain for 1 year. If you know .host domain names are great especially if you are writing about any kind of hosting providers. Or may be reviewing the hosting providers that are there in the market. I personally use WordPress for all

Google Universal Analytics Can Keep You Out Of Trouble, HOW?

Google Universal Analytics

Today I am going to share about Google Universal Analytics. If you know about Analytics in Google, then you know about Google classic analytics in Google which is of no use nowadays ever since Google Universal Analytics has come into the picture. Google Universal Analytics introduces a set of features that change the way data

Enhanced Link Attribution Taboos You Should Break

Analytics - Google Analytics

Enhanced Link Attribution is a functionality of Google Analytics. Using Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics, you can best use this feature. You can tag your pages to implement an enhanced link-tracking functionality that lets you: See separate information for multiple links on a page that all have the same destination. For example, if there are