Should You Start Quora Blog Or Own Blog

Quora is the new Facebook. Believe it or not. I have been quite active in Quora recently. I did answer a lot of questions in Blogging. Most recently I came through someone asking whether she should start Quora Blog or Own Blog. As always I am supportive of your own thing. Because of these reasons. First, you will learn the process which is good in the long run. Second you will have more control. Third you can turn your blog into whatever platform you want. I mentioned earlier that Blogging is not your cup of tea if you lack patience and time. So the fourth reason is there are so many things that depend on your blog’s success. Those aspects you can not handle if you are on Quora. Or if you are in the dilemma of identifying to start Quora blog or own blog.

Before I make any delay let me start answering the question Quora blog or own blog. Before I proceed, please understand that this is my view. It does not mean or indicate anything against anything. So when you think of starting Quora blog or Own Blog then do make sure you read this. If you know anyone is asking this question then; please send them this article as well. Let’s dwell on the details.

Whether to start Quora Blog or Own Blog

I have mentioned earlier that there are four reasons for which you should not choose Quora blog over your blog. The reasons are:

  • Learning the process is fun and helpful in the long run.
  • Having more control is always good.
  • Having your blog has the advantage of turning your blog into any platform.
  • Success and failure ratio.

If someone would ask me Quora blog or own blog, I would always provide these reasons to choose your blog over Quora.

Learning the process is fun:

When you start your blog, you learn a lot of things, and you fail. As you must know failure is the key to success. When you fail, you learn. When you fail you gain experience, and that is when you try to push harder and succeed. I would always suggest going with the own blog because the process is fun. Getting a hosting, domain, changing the code, activating things are some of the steps that nobody will ever tell you. You will have to learn them or else you will be left behind. It is better if you learn first and teach later. Because that is what entrepreneurship is all about. You have to be one step ahead. You have to try things and then let people know about it. To make sure people read your blog first. If you go with Quora, then you are not going to learn anything. Because everything is being handled by Quora. You are just giving one URL you want and then start your blog. For this reason, I suggest going with an own blog when someone asks Quora blog or own blog.

Having more control is good:

Having more control is always good. You never know when Quora is going down. Not that it is likely to happen very soon. But that is the harsh truth, believe it or not. You never know when Quora will be hacked, and you will have nothing but a URL of your blog which is not going to work. Then if it comes to guidelines, if your blog post violates the standard of Quora then your blog post is going down. If at all needed your blog will be taken down as well. If you host your blog and create it, then you are free to write whatever the heck you want. Having your blog will give you more control over your blog which is helpful in the long run.

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Own Blog means any platform:

When you have an own blog you can turn it into any platform, you may want. However, if you want to go with Quora, the base platform and understanding would always be question and answer. Quora’s concept always has been and probably will be Q&A. No matter what, that is why Quora is mostly used and will be. But if you have your blog then you can turn it into whatever platform you want. It can be Q&A, it can be a forum, it can be a community. This is one of the reasons why I suggest you going with the own blog over Quora blog.

Different aspects of success in Blogging depends on your blog:

When you want to succeed in blogging, it depends on various aspects. There is marketing, there are sales, there is the authority which directly depends on your blog. If you are on Quora, you will have to be dependent on Quora for several aspects, like authority, SEO, social media presence and marketing, even sales. Whatever happens, will happen over your blog on Quora. However, if you have your blog then you are solely responsible for everything and it happens even faster if you do it yourself than depend on Quora for handling it for you. If you ask me, then I would say the success-failure ratio is more vulnerable if you go with Quora. However, your success rate is good if you go with your blog that you take full responsibility for.

These are some of the reasons for which I always suggest to use own blog over Quora. Let me know what your thoughts are in the comments below.

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