Success Story Of Digital Updates

Digital Update’s Success Story.

While You Are here We would love to tell you about the whole success story of Digital updates including how we become a team and what we were before and Why we selected Digital Updates as the name of our Industry.Including our troubles we faced and our Happy Days.But this was the real success story which Sir, Rohaan told to me when my parents stopped me using the internet. And now my parents trust me just because of him. So I would like to share with everyone to help him.While this success story mostly revolves around Sir Rohaan.

Success Story Of Digital Updates

About MY PAST:

Actually, My childhood was mostly full of seeking knowledge but it doesn’t mean that I didn’t enjoy it.But because of some difficulties (which I will describe below).I was really Depressed and faced troubles but I still I will say that those were my Good days you know why? Just try to feel it below.

How I persuaded my family to let me use the Internet:

When I was 9 years old I thought to learn some Programming Languages.I found various site’s that asks me to pay but I just want to learn it free of cost because my father once scolded me for using the internet, While I still use the Internet to learn when my father goes out to work. Once I tried to make my father understand that I am just learning about it to make a site because I was learning HTML at that time but my father didn’t understand actually he is not one who stopped me but I understand that he was aware of digital Crimes that how they use children to sell their Kidneys or something going on that time but I just remember Kidneys because he told me once about it to stop me.But really I was his bad son, I didn’t take care and continue to learn.Then after few months, I started showing what I made to my father like small calculators, login panel on C++ my local websites etc.My father then started supporting me I still remember on my tenth birthday my father gifted me a laptop HP-8440p which was latest released by HP at that time with a card written sorry on it.I told my father not to say sorry to me ever again. Actually, I wrote that all because now many of us have forgotten to respect and obey their parents.

My Failures:

Once after I published my first site I found myself really happy and Proud of what I did.Actually, I launched a site through which anyone can learn and help’s other’s in learning for free and even paid on some points but because I think that all now people will start crawling to my site but I was wrong because I don’t know anything about search engine optimization. Then I start learning about it too.But I was trapped fully trapped actually because I used the way which was illegal according to Google’s policy I tried seeking help and got myself out of trouble than when I got eleven I realized that the financial condition of our family is not as good now and I tried to learning it fast so that later I can help my Father but The course was as long that I lost my Domain and now it was just two days remaining to see my site about how it vanishes.And after all, I was lost. But still, I continue to learn about SEO but now I have nothing to experiment with it so I created a blog on Blogger if you remember at that time we use Black and red Blogs that time.I completed my SEO planning course with its help.But what’s gone was gone and the biggest problem from my domain’s expiration was that my father stopped wasting his money on my experiments.later I thought to make a new blog hence I started thinking its name I still remember that I was sitting in the Garden with my friend I asked him that on which topic you think I can Speak well.He replied you can only speak on the topics of the Internet I thought that he may be joking What can I speak with a word Internet and how its name will be suitable to use it on the blog.But later I named It Digital Updates.On which I can write anything that I always like to say.

Now when it comes to what to write I thought that it maybe food yeah I really thought about writing food’s recipe on Digital Update.I know you may be laughing but I wrote it.And not just even food I wrote many things else too on which I feel guilty to do SEO because what if someone read Digital Updates on my page.So I skipped it.and start finding my contents later we moved to another country temporary because my father was finding a good job for himself.I actually forgotten my Lappy in my previous house but I use to write contents heading on a paper to remember what to write next but they were all cheap and I writes many things that were not good for my blog name actually I start thinking to change my blog name to “WHATEVER” but It looked not good to me.But when I came back to my home I have really forgotten the password of my e-mail and my recovery e-mail was my father’s previous mail.On which I have no access at that time.I got troubled I started to hack my own e-mail but yes I tried many different things and at that time I see a video saying “How To Hack a website” I thought that he is telling people to destruct other people like us indirectly but yet it can help me but I got failed to do it.Later I started learning ethical Hacking and got certified with a sudden job opportunity but that wasn’t my field.I was appointed as a freelancer from an industry because I told them my name and identification as what My father’s. Because I know if I tell them that I am young so they wouldn’t hire me.I worked with them for about five years and then Left that industry because in that five years I got no bonuses or salary increment while they swear to do it.

Our Success Story

Now after leaving my job from those pen-testers I started to think what I can do.Then I started motivating people to join me and named that group as teen researchers because Now I am eighteen and most of our members were teenagers when I named them as teen researchers we spread ourselves on Google to get the latest update on what’s going on in the Digital world.And now we felt that we are ready to go because we have enough knowledge our first post was about popular operating systems used by hacker’s on our blog which is still on Blogger its URL is here Popular operating systems used by Hackers -Digital Updates because this was the first place where I spent more than five years. Later I told them about their installation guide which you will see after every operating system’s Descriptions and download links.And later we told people about how to learn anything you want online for free on our blog because when I was ten I wants everything which I want to learn for free just because I can’t pay and we published it on ten sites to learn everything we want’s to Online for free –Digital Updates.But still, I felt something missing you know why? Because I didn’t Satisfied the Parents of those people who wants to learn So I wrote a post about their parents about how to know what your son/daughter is doing on Internet World on the URL How to spy your child for their security and protection –Digital Updates and excluding these are all which I did My Team Teen researchers who use to research on internet for Digital Updates has also started making videos on the Channel which was too named as Digital Updates and yet made the video tutorial for ten sites to learn everything online for free which you can have a look over here Free Sites To Learn everything you want –Digital Updates Youtube Channel and how to spy your child to protect and secure him from Digital Frauds and tortures How to spy your Kid’s phone to protect and save him from evil eyes –Digital Updates Youtube Channel.So that was the success story of our blog Digital Updates 

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