Which is best Blogger or WordPress

This time we will take a deep dive into WordPress and Blogger. We will compare both of them and see what is better, which one is better. In fact if you ask me which is best Blogger or WordPress then I do not have any particular answer to it, because there is no exact answer specifically to this question. But I will do a simple comparison which will answer your question which is best Blogger or WordPress. Basically when we are referring to WordPress we take into account two things WordPress as wordpress.com and wordpress.org. They both are different in their own ways. We will compare that one in a different article but just to let you know wordpress.org is the paid version where you can have more control over your hosting and blog where as the other one is free version. Now that we are talking about How To Start Blogging For Free I will be talking about the only free version and we will also compare both the free versions in this article.

Which is best Blogger or WordPress

1. Support:

I am sure you do not think me going crazy since I talked about support because now a days before you go for anything you need to check if the support and accountability you will get for that is more than enough to your need. Now when we are discussing between Blogger or WordPress for Blogger the support is very very very limited where as WordPress has a very supportive forum, well described documentation for everything you need. Apart from community support, there are many companies offering premium support for WordPress. I also provide WordPress Support and you can contact me if you need and we can take it from there.

2. Security:

Well, now I know that I am not crazy again, at the very least you do not think me as a crazy person while we are talking about which is better Blogger or WordPress I am considering Security as a factor. Of-course when you come to online business the best thing that matters is security because you do not want the things you publish going in wrong hands and misused. WordPress is quite secure when you are using the wordpress.com version, however when it comes to self hosted domain and hosting there you are yourself responsible for the patches and updates that follow.

Which is best Blogger or WordPress

3. Potablity

By portability what I mean is say for after sometime you are willing to change your blog to some place different or a different server but that is a tedious task though it is not impossible in Blogger. The same functionality of Export and Import is provided by WordPress and it is way too easy in case of WordPress rather than Blogger. Fortunately, I am doing WordPress and Blogger migrations for a minimal fees so that you stay tension free and I take the pain for you. You can contact me to discuss further if you are interested in my services.

4. Appearance:

This comes to the best part because you surely do not want your website to look like anything and then you ending up low visitors in your website and people not liking the layout, especially you not liking the lay out of your own website. This option is also limited in Blogger, where as in WordPress there are a lot of free themes which are eye pleasing and awesome, you can also pay some buck and get some premium theme whichever you want. Currently I am using a premium theme called Swift and I am happy with the service I am getting with this theme developers. You can checkout the theme and details using this Swift Premium Theme.

5. Control

When it comes to something like a blog which is a method you are using to communicate to the world then you need more control and that can be provided by WordPress but not Blogger. No doubt that Blogger is a fine tuned service from Google but that being the reason you do not have much control but if you are on the self hosted version of WordPress or in the premium version of WordPress then you will get more control over your hosting in the WordPress than Blogger.

6. Future

I am sure that you will not want anything that is not very much future proof. So from that front WordPress is a clear owner because there has not been any changes in the Blogger service in the near past and it all again depends on Google when they want the service to be stopped.

After this comparison I am sure you have some idea about which one is better. Personally if you ask me then I would go with WordPress. Let me know what you think which one is better and which one you will go with in the comments section below.

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