WordPress Default Comment System Why So Far The BEST & The BEAST!!

I am going to share my views about WordPress default comment system today, and I think that if you are using WordPress as a CMS, then this is the best out there in the market. Just because of the simplicity of the WordPress default comment system and how it loads when your blog page is loaded. If you see any other comment plugins like Facebook Comment System or Disqus, they load on your blog after everything is loaded. Even though that is the case, typically they add some amount of loading time to your base load time of your blog.

WordPress Default Comment System Why!!

The reason I insist on using WordPress default comment system instead of any other comment system is that you never know what is going to happen with other comment plugins. Especially for the people who are starting out, need to have WordPress default comment system for their blog because that is the most intuitive platform. Without adding any further load time on your blog, this is the only platform you could allow your readers to comment your blog.

WordPress default comment system

Moreover, when you start your blog people comment over there with an expectation of getting a backlink to their blog from your comments and that is when WordPress default comment system plays a significant role as it allows the user you give their web site domain URL while commenting without adding any additional link. To be honest, this attracts the audience to read the post and stay on the page for some time as well which is helpful.

Secondly, when you use other plugins people have to log in and then comment which some are not comfortable with because when you are starting out you have not built the trust with your audience for them to feel comfortable logging in and then commenting on your blog.

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Third and the most important point is unless you are using a VPS or dedicated server even when you are starting out your page load time is going to be huge because of the comment systems other than WordPress default comment system so better not to take a chance. You must know that if your blog is taking more than 3 seconds to load then, you are losing 80% of your visitors.

Then as the last option, I would like to shed some light on as to why I said it is the BEAST. The reason is that no matter how long the comment is WordPress default comment system will take care of it. And no matter how long your comment, with images and all the stuff, is, WordPress default comment system will take care of it without any issues. Whereas I have seen some of the other comment systems being slow and irresponsive when a lot of stuff is added to it and that simply does not make any sense to me. So that is why I consider WordPress default comment system to be the BEST and the BEAST.

With the above reasons, I would suggest you use WordPress default comment system while you are starting and eventually change it when you have millions of users visiting your site, and you have built a brand already. Let me know in the comments below if you think there is a better one out there other than WordPress default comment system and it works better than WordPress default comment system. I would love to include them in the post.

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